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Monday, March 5, 2007

The Quran is Revelation from the Lord of All that Exists

Allah Said:

“And truly this (the Quran) is a revelation from the Lord of the Alamin (Mankind, jinn’s and all that exists), which the trustworthy Ruh (Gabriel) has brought down.” (Quran 26:192,193)

Allah has ascribed the revelation of the Quran to Himself in more than 50 Verses of the Quran. This is a clear indication of how the Quran has been especially blessed with divine help and care. As for any person who recites the Quran, awe and veneration of the Quran continues to increase in his heart while he is being constantly reminded that it came from Allah, the Lord of all that exists. After all, the greater author of a work, the better the work will be – and Allah is the Greatest, the All Mighty, the Most Just, the Wise, so consider how great a Book the Quran is.

In another Verse, Allah used the pronoun” We” to ascribe the Quran to Himself:

“Verily! We sent it (this Quran) down in the night of Al Qadr (Decree).” (Quran 97:1)

On this note, the Quran has been blessed with six special Qualities:

1.It was revealed from Allah alone, and from no one else, for the purpose of benefiting and guiding mankind.

2.It is the best of all divinely revealed books.

3.It was revealed through the best of angels and the strongest among them, the one who was entrusted with revelation from Allah.

4.It descended upon the best of all created Muhammad (pbuh)

5.It was revealed to the best nation that has ever been sent to mankind.

6.It was revealed in the best, most comprehensive, and most eloquent of all languages: Arabic

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