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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Importance of knowing the difference between Makkan and Madeenan Revelations

What the Importance of knowing the Difference between Makkan and Madeenan Revelations?

There are a number of reasons why distinction needs to be made between Makkan and Madeenan Surahs (Chapters) and Verses. The Following are only the Three most Important Reasons:

Fiqh – Islamic Law

The various laws of Islam were revealed over a period of 23 years, some laws cancelled earlier laws and other laws were revealed bit by bit. Thus, it is necessary to know at which point in time the various laws were revealed in order to apply them properly. The laws of the later Madeenan period sometimes took the place of the earlier laws, For example , alcohol was made forbidden in gradual stages, the first law concerning alcohol was simply a warning of its dangers,

Allah said:

“And, when they ask you about Khamr (Alcohol) and Maysir (Gambling), tell them that they contain benefit for some people, but the sin is greater than the benefit”. (Surah Al Baqarah Chapter 2 verses 20)

The second law which was revealed warned Muslims away from Salaah (Prayers) when they were intoxicated (Drunk).

Allah Said:

“Do not come to Salaah when you are intoxicated (Drunk), until you know what you are saying.” (Surah an Nisaa Chapter 4 verse 43)

The third Law, however, was a complete prohibition of even coming near any form of alcohol

Allah said:

“Verily, alcohol, gambling and sacrificial altars are filth, as a result of Satan’s work, so stay away from them.” (Surah Al Maa’idah Chapter 5 verse 90)

If one was aware of the order in which these verses were revealed, he or she may mistakenly think that drinking alcohol is allowed as long as one doesn’t get drunk and come to Salaah. Or, it might be thought that benefiting from the sale of alcohol is permitted.


By understanding the order in which the verses of the Quran were revealed, one can learn the best method of teaching Islam. For Example the Quran taught the believers not to curse or make fun of the idols of the disbelievers in order not to drive them away and in order that they do not curse Allah out of ignorance, Instead they were told to reason with the disbelievers and show them logically why the worship of idols was in correct,

Allah said,

“Are you worshipping besides Allah other gods which cannot benefit you at all nor harm you?” (Surah Al Anbiyaa Chapter 21 Verse 66)


Many of the important events in the Prophet’s life have been recorded in various verses of the Quran. Thus, by knowing the order in which the verses were revealed, it is possible to piece together a large portion of the biography of the Prophet(PBUH)

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