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Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Word "Quran"

The word Quran, a verbal noun, is equivalent in meaning to Qiraa’ah, as both come from the verb Qara’a, which means to read. That is, Quraan literally means a reading or a recitation. However, the term Quran has historically used specifically to refer to the book which was revealed by Allah (SWT) to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the Anger Jibreel (Gabriel). The term Quran has been mentioned in a number of places throughout the book in reference to itself.

Allah (Swt) says:

“Verily, this Quran guides (man) to that which is most just”
Surah Al Israa (Chapter17: Verse 9)

The name Quran is used to refer to both the Quraan as a whole as in the previously quoted verse, as well as to each verse or group of verses:

Allah (Swt) says:

“And if the Quran is recited, you should listen to it quietly (and be silent).”
Surah Al Aa’raaf (Chapter 7: Verse 204)

The Quran has been also referred by other names by Allah (Swt) Himself: Like Furqaan (the distinction) and Thikr (the reminder)

Allah (Swt) says:

“Blessed is He who revealed the Furqaan (the distinction) to His slaves in order that he may be a Warner to all worlds.”

Surah Al Furqaan (Chapter 24: Verse 1)

Allah (Swt) says:

“Verily, We revealed the Thikr and verily, We will preserve it.”

Surah Al Hijr (Chapter 15: Verse 9)

The Quran itself could be defined as Allah’s Words which were revealed in Arabic in a rhythmical for to the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). Its Recitation is used in acts of worship and even its smallest chapter is of miraculous nature.

Source: The Foundation of Islamic Studies by Dr Bilal Philips

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